Stainless steel wire rod

for welding, cold heading, spring, high temperature and other demanding applications

We offer a wide range of shapes, sizes, and grades with consistently high product quality and delivery reliability.

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Why wire rod

  • Available in round, hexagon, square, and rebar
  • Suitable for welding, cold heading, springs, high temperatures, bright bars and rebars
  • For both simple and high demanding applications.


  • Measurements for round wire rods range from 5.0 – 25.0 mm (.192” - .984”), for square wire rods 9.0 – 23.5 mm (.354” - .925”), and hexagon wire rods 9.0 – 27.0 mm (.354” – 1.063”)
  • Tight chemistry for identical properties
  • Optimal surface and dimension tolerances for application

Wire rod

outokumpu produces stainless steel wire rod in a wide range of grades, sizes and shapes with consistent high product quality and delivery reliability. we can therefore offer a unique selection to our customers.  measurements for round wire rods range from 5.0 – 25.0 mm ( .192” - .984”), for square wire rods 9.0 – 23.5 mm (.354” - .925”), and hexagon wire rods 9.0 – 27.0 mm (.354” – 1.063”).

our wire rod products come in three heat sizes; 8 tonnes (17,000 lbs), 65 tonnes (143,000 lbs) and 120 tonnes (265,000 lbs). the conditions available are d-cooled, dst-annealed (inline annealing) and batch annealed. in addition, the moqs come all from 3 tonnes, up to full heats depending on the selected grades.

乐游手游官网下载suitable for a variety of applications, all from simple to high demanding usage. these include welding, cold heading, spring, high temperature, bright bars and rebars etc.


Wire rod, welding

our wide range of welding grades are well-suited for both simple and high demanding applications. thanks to our tight chemistries, we supply equal properties delivery after delivery. we can also supply customized grades to your unique requirements.

to get the best possible properties for welding wire rod, following parameters are important: tight chemistry for identical properties, mechanical properties and deformation hardening, corrosion properties, surface and dimension tolerances. with our welding wire rod, you can optimize these properties.



Direct cooling (DK) ASTM 10-13
“In line” – annealing (DST) ASTM 5-8
Pit furnace (SG) ASTM 3-6
Our standard procedure is to supply wire rod in pickled condition


Expertise in production 

we ensure meeting our customers’ exact needs with the cooperation of our commercial team in the field and our dedicated wire rod customer support teams at the mills who work closely with the production operations. our responsive specialist rod supplier with industry-leading customer service are backed by a flexible, high quality manufacturing program.

Wire rod dimensions table

Surface finish Diameter (mm)
Pickled 5–25
Surface finish Diameter (mm)
Pickled 9–27
Surface finish Diameter (mm)
Pickled 9–23.5

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