Long products

high-performance stainless steel for the most demanding customer applications

Our ambition is to be the leader in high performance long products, providing solutions for the most demanding customer applications. As the innovators of stainless steel we are known of high quality, reliability, technical expertise and being easy to deal with.

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乐游手游官网下载 we have an integrated production chain from melting to finished products. the product range consists of wire rod, drawn wire, bars in various shapes, semi-finished long products and rebar.

A selection that caters to your every need

WIRE ROD乐游手游官网下载: For welding, cold heading, spring, high temperature and other demanding applications.

WIRE: For cold heading, bright forming and spoke wire 

BAR:Round, hexagon and square bars for outstanding machinability for greater efficiency 

SEMI-FINISHED LONG PRODUCTS乐游手游官网下载: Our semi-finished long product range includes billets, blooms, slabs and ingots and rebar products. 

REBAR: For constructing structures with a reduced lifetime cost  


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Faster, more automated production is the future

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Outokumpu Core 4622 shines from 7-Eleven

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