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From ore milling to product recovery, metallurgical processes take place in uniquely tough conditions. Factor in the complexity of chemical reactions, and it’s clear that materials must be equally tough. Outokumpu stainless steel is the material of choice for safety, reliability and cost optimization by leading mining and metallurgy companies around the world.

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乐游手游官网下载 the expertise outokumpu has gained through decades of industry experience will help you achieve innovation and cost-efficiency. online tools help you navigate grades and material consumption with confidence.

Benefits of using stainless steel in mining


  • Electrowinning and drying processes
  • Pipes, tanks, vessels and structural components
  • Mining screens, pumps and drills
  • Filters and precipitators
  • Fluidized bed boilers and heat exchangers


  • High mechanical strength
  • Superior corrosion and heat resistance
  • Full range of austenitic, duplex, ferritic stainless steel in the Forta, Core and Supra ranges; available in bars, quarto plate, coil and strip, sheet and plate
  • Polished and brushed surface finishes
  • Superior flatness

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