Road tankers and buses

stainless steel for road tankers and busses

Produced in a highly competitive industry, tankers and tank containers must be carefully conceived to meet both regulatory design requirements and functional needs. Stainless steel is essential for tanks that are light, strong and easily cleaned and maintained. Corrosion resistance is vital when transporting hazardous or corrosive chemicals.

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乐游手游官网下载 outokumpu forta, moda and supra are commonly used; forta range boosts safety and reduces vehicle weight. supra is the best choice for tanks. we can produce sheets up to 2,000mm/72 inch wide to reduce costs by minimizing the number of welds needed.

Benefits in using stainless steel in road tankers and buses


  • Road tankers
  • Tank containers
  • Bus frames
  • Bus exhaust systems and trim


  • Wide range of corrosion-resistant grades
  • Long lifetime and low life-cycle cost
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Fully recyclable

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