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stainless performance

In transportation, today’s solutions must be dynamic enough to carry us to the future. Safe, strong, economical, durable and sustainable: Stainless steel delivers a new dimension of unmatched performance.

乐游手游官网下载unprecedented innovation is essential as the automotive and transportation sectors race to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world. stringent regulatory environments, a highly competitive marketplace and rapidly evolving technology demand high performance materials supported by exceptional expertise.

Whether you’re transporting chemicals, commodities or passengers, you need a partner – and a material – you can depend on. Outokumpu is a reliable member of your team, offering unmatched expertise in corrosion resistant grades, material selection and testing, highly sophisticated research and design, and uniquely customized solutions.

Committed to a world that lasts forever, Outokumpu is the most sustainable supplier of stainless steel for the most sustainable solutions.


Benefits of using stainless steel


  • Strong and durable materials increase automotive safety
  • Long lifetime and low lifecycle cost
  • Varied surface finishes for reduced maintenance
  • Materials for sustainable design


  • High energy absorption results in excellent crash performance
  • Greater level of fire resistance
  • Corrosion resistance generates savings in cleaning and maintenance
  • High-strength, lightweight grades can reduce the amount of material needed, saving weight and costs


  • Optimized production; reliable supply chain
  • Grades tailored to specific needs
  • Grade selection advice and applied testing
  • Global R&D, sales and expert support in innovation and development

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