Structural applications

乐游手游官网下载stainless steel for structural applications

An inspired choice for load-bearing structures, stainless steel delivers exceptional strength with added benefits – like the corrosion resistance of steel in the Supra range, and light weight of high-strength duplex steel in the Forta range.

Benefits of using stainless steel in structural applications


  • Load bearing support structures for facades and roofs, balustrades and balconies and fastening elements

  • Structural beams for buildings and bridges
  • New and reconstructed concrete walls and foundations


  • With high-strength Outokumpu duplex steel, weight savings can be achieved, saving costs in many areas
  • Our Forta Duplex range with lean, standard and super duplexes with their high chromium content and low nickel content deliver an exceptional combination of high strength and corrosion resistance and uniquely cost-effective solutions
  • Reduced maintenance means lower total life-cycle cost

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