Commercial kitchen

stainless steel keeps up with the pace and extremes in commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens are dynamic environments with many extremes: high heat, freezing cold; wet, dry; storage, service; preparation, cooking. Stainless steel adds the advanced functionality this space demands to meet needs of hygiene and corrosion resistance in a space where health codes, ergonomics and traffic flow create unique challenges.

strong, hygienic and corrosion resistant

work surfaces, various appliances, sinks and hoods benefit from outokumpu’s austenitic and ferritic moda and core products from coil and sheet. faucets are made from stainless steel bar.

Benefits of using stainless steel in commercial kitchen


  • Work surfaces and wall cladding
  • Hoods and shelves
  • Dishwashers and microwave ovens
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Sinks and faucets

High performance

  • An inert material, stainless steel takes heat (even steam) and cold equally well
  • Easily cleaned and maintained for optimal hygiene
  • No discoloration or flavor imparted to food and drink
  • Industry-leading tolerance accuracies
  • Strong and durable lifetime material solution

Explore the world of stainless steel

case kavika hygienic fixtures

No chance for germs

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Stainless steel is easy to keep clean